60 Percent of Americans Won't Read This


A new study out from Pew finds that only 40 percent of Americans get news about the presidential campaign from the Internet. Useful for all of us pixel-stained wretches to keep in mind. 

But the numbers are changing fast:

At this point in the 2004 election cycle, 31% of Americans had used the internet to get political news and information. The jump to 40% who say this now is even more striking because the population of online political users already exceeds the number of Americans who had used the internet for politics in the entire 2004 campaign. Moreover, the proportion of Americans getting political news and information on any given day in the spring of 2008 has more than doubled, compared with a similar period in 2004. In May and June of 2004, about 8% of adults were using the internet on a typical day to stay in touch with political developments. In April and May of this year, 17% of adults are getting political news online on a typical day.

And maybe, just maybe, Obama Girl actually is going to decide the election:

35% of Americans have watched online videos related to the campaign and 10% have used social networking sites to engage in political activity.

Via The Weekly Standard blog