Reason Writers Around Town: Kerry Howley on Juvenile Obesity, Pregnancy Pacts, and Fertility Rates in the Los Angeles Times


This past week, Senior Editor Kerry Howley has been debating the Manhattan Institute's Kay Hymowitz on juvenile obesity, teenage pregnancy, absentee fathers, and more.

Read all about it here.

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  1. Pregnancy pacts? Seems kinda roundabout . . .

  2. Juvenile Obesity, Pregnancy Pacts, and Fertility Rates

    Jogging, condoms, don’t wait until you’re 40.


  3. All the condoms in the world won’t stop a girl who wants to get pregnant.

  4. A flight of stairs will.

  5. Damn, Sugarfree, that’s coldblooded. 🙂

  6. Judith Rich Harris, people! Judith Rich Fuckin’ Harris!

    How long will I be the only Reasonoid to appreciate the serious implications of that revolutionary book, The Nurture Assumption, for libertarian policy?

    Kerry Howley disappoints me by seemingly not even knowing about the JRH angle.

  7. A flight of stairs will.

    It doesn’t work, trust me.

  8. What you mean, Daddy?

  9. A flight of stairs will.

    I’m so pure of heart, at first glance, I thought he was still refering to an obesity countermeasure.

  10. If the girls weren’t so easy to catch, the boys wouldn’t be so fat. It’s all the girls’ fault.

    otoh, if the girls get sluttier, attendance among boys will go up.

  11. Kay,

    Upon starting to read this, I heard this in my head as “M’kay” like in South Park.

    I really need to get out more.

  12. SpongeBob SquarePants Wild Bubble Berry Pop-Tarts
    Man, I would simply have to buy a box of those. In my defense, I would probably not buy a second one (unless they were really good).

    I have a daughter. I can attest that it is hard t keep them active. I have probably spent about 15k on after school Tae Kwon Do classes and summer camps. I coached my daughter’s soccer team. All these things help, but if they lose interest, that is that.

    Mostly my daughter likes to sit in front of the computer and makes things like this

  13. Just let couples and individuals make their own reproductive choices. New England has plenty of abandoned farms, and it still managed to survive.

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