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Keith Richards Must Be Rolling Over in His Coffin


Can loud-mouthed British performance artists be barred from entering the United States on grounds of "moral turpitude," due to tales of licentious drug use and staged crucifictions from a new tell-all memoir? Even though they claim to be sober for several years now? Yes they can!

reason on the increasingly oxymoronic Visa Waiver program here.

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  1. Odd. Truly odd.

  2. That’s not a dandy.

    This is a dandy:

  3. He’d have made a better governor than Spitzer…

  4. Jeff P – here are more Dandys. (NSFW)

  5. The way that ICE treats people visiting or working in this country appalls me. I’ve seen it first hand as my girlfriend is European. They just don’t give a shit what they put people through; it’s not their problem.

    It’s fucking embarrassing and there’s basically nothing we can do about it.

  6. So is a fop a kind of dandy or another category entirely?

    And even though they weren’t exactly fiends, haven’t Bill Clinton, GWB, Obama and who knows who else been involved in drugs before? Plus with the Spitzer thing it does seem a bit hypocritical.

  7. If he had murdered one thousand prostitutes, instead of having sex with them, he could get a free lunch at the White House.

  8. With that other “reformed addict.”

  9. It’s obvious they’re trying to protect the vitally important domestic drug-taking and prostitute-buying industry. It’s a national security issue. Surely you don’t want Eliot Spitzer and thousands of junkies unable to work in this field because some Brit came and took over their jobs? We’d have to pay them welfare or give them free drugs and hookers and as libertarians, we’re all against that, right?

  10. Keith Richards Must Be Rolling Over in His Coffin
    Ahhh that would explain why you never see him in daylight.

  11. The irony of being denied entrance to Newark, of all places, for moral turpitude is just beyond satire. I can understand not letting this guy into Kansas or Iowa but the tri-state area? Maybe we should start offering all access “heartland visas”, and then a “mature audience only visa” that would just allow you to visit New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, Portland and certain strip clubs in Mississippi. We could charge more for the second and the gov could make extra revenue, so win-win!

  12. So is a fop a kind of dandy or another category entirely?

    Lord Whimsy, I believe, has delineated the distinctions between a “dandy” and a mere “fop.”

  13. This story is truly depraved.


  14. The Bush Administration spends tens of thousands of dollars to bust a Democratic politician for getting laid and now protects us smart-ass foreigners. This country is on a roll.

  15. I’d hate to think that other countries might begin to return the favor.

    After all, the whole point of travel is to indulge oneself.

  16. Tried to make me go through customs–I said no, no, no!

  17. All I can say is thank jod for the small government conservatives.

    They have successfully protected us from the ravages of the nanny state, and folks with a past, again.

    Thank jod, that’s really all anyone can say, don’t you think?

    Or, maybe we can say that small government conservatives were the grifters some of us always thought they were.


  18. I don’t know about all of you, but I feel much safer after reading the article. The amazing thing is that all of the GOPers that denounce these administration antics just aren’t getting any press. Neither of them.

  19. I gotta ask, just gotta, to all of those who still call themselves libertarians, and who supported/support this administration:

    Any body get why I thought ss reform (as well as other issues) was a bait and switch tactic to get libertarian minded folks on board for one of the most massive increase of government power and size in the history of America?

    I remember thinking, folks who support Bush are gonna wake up with a surprise, by supporting his “reforms”, we wind up with a gov whose size, scope and reach, would make Mussolini drool. Ok, it’s not that bad…YET.

    Soon though, eh? And those who most claim to hate big gov were some of it’s biggest supporters as it expanded. Oh yea…

    Without orgs like CATO and Reason for cover, would the “small gov” conservatives have ever been able to dismantle what little gov restraints were left? And much of it in the name of fighting the nanny state. Why O’ why don’t libertatians realize that the repubs want a daddy state, as well as a mommy state (just a 1950’s mom) too?

  20. Fop or Dandy?

    I’m thinking dandy. Or in the American parlance, pimp. It’s actually amazing how stylish this guy is. I mean, I’d never do that to my lip, but shit.

  21. Or in the American parlance, pimp.

    Uh… is that one of those words (like “gay”) that means something totally different if you’re under 30? ‘Cuz I think I’ve heard it used that way, but I would never, ever do it myself.

  22. The irony of being denied entrance to Newark

    Perhaps ICE should consider hiring a blue ribbon panel of high moral individuals like Sharp James to assure that those Pot Smoking Brits stay out of America.

  23. Uh… is that one of those words (like “gay”) that means something totally different if you’re under 30? ‘Cuz I think I’ve heard it used that way, but I would never, ever do it myself.

    Yeah, as in “Southland Tales”. “I’m a pimp. And pimps don’t commit suicide.” [wink]

  24. Yeah, as in “Southland Tales”.

    I don’t know what that is, but the name “Seann William Scott” doesn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence.

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