Barack Obama and His See-Through Ears


Good for Barack Obama: He's released a list of every earmark he's requested since his legendary Senate career began, 26 months ago. Lynn Sweet has the list, direct from Team O, and spotlights this bit:

Obama sought money for the University of Chicago Hospitals. Wife Michelle works for the University of Chicago Hospitals, appointed in spring 2005 as vice president for community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. She is now on leave from the job to campaign for her husband. Top campaign adviser and friend Valerie Jarrett is the Chair of the University of Chicago Medical Center Board and also Chair of the Executive Committee of that board. She has also been named Vice-Chair of the University's Board of Trustees. Obama taught at the U. of Chicago law school and the Obama's two daughters attend school there.

He could have left that bit of marking to Dick Durbin, couldn't he?