Paul Fan Video v. Clinton Fan Video: Tattoos, Handcuffs, Defiance Beat Hair Nets, Rubber Gloves, Spunkiness


Keith Halderman unfavorably compares that cringe-inducing Laverne and Shirley ode to Hillary Clinton with Aimee Allen's catchy Ron Paul song (below). While I have my doubts about rhyming grave with state, and I'm not sure why the IRS is putting duct tape over Allen's mouth (maybe because she tried to sell books by Irwin Schiff?), her effort is undeniably superior: original, pointed, and sexy, as opposed to an embarrassing retread of a song that was bad enough to begin with. But inasmuch as Allen is a professional songwriter and performer, while the Hillary fan who thinks the senator has what it takes to make all our dreams come true is (I'm assuming) not, the comparison is not exactly fair. There's a more telling contrast between the war and civil liberties themes of Allen's video and the stop-the-invading-landscapers message of campaign commercials like this one

In the April issue of reason, which subscribers will receive soon, Dave Weigel explains why Paul's "lunge for the Minuteman vote didn't work."

Update: The Aimee Allen video seems to have been removed from YouTube, although it's still available here. You can find the audio of her song on YouTube, illustrated by various still images (here and here, for example), but it's not quite the same.

Update to the update: The video is back up on YouTube. The issue seems to have been the implied connection to the Paul campaign. It is now labeled "Aimee Allen: *Unofficial* Ron Paul Revolution Video."