The Fines Would Have Been Even Higher If It Had Been Copies of the Ron Paul Survival Report


Reader Andy Guess sends along this alternately heartwarming and blood-curdling tale of free expression, Ron Paulmania, a young rebel named Cody, and traffic citations gone beserk:

An 18-year-old Republican's enthusiasm for presidential hopeful Ron Paul could cost him more than $550.

Cody Hauer has been cited four times in one week for displaying a 13-inch-by-40-inch "Ron Paul Revolution" decal in the rear window of his car. The problem is that such decals are illegal if they obstruct the driver's view….

Owatonna Police Chief Shaun LaDue said his officers followed the law….

Besides being in violation of the law, Hauer showed disrespect toward the officer during each traffic stop, LaDue said. "He talks himself into a citation each time," LaDue said.

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