A Media Black Eye in Missouri?


I see that the Associated Press called Missouri for Hillary Clinton:

Propelled largely by rural voters, Democrat Hillary Clinton won the important presidential testing ground of Missouri on Tuesday. Republicans Mike Huckabee and John McCain were in a tight battle for a rich delegate reward.Clinton had about 50 percent of the vote compared with about 47 percent for rival Barack Obama, with 88 percent of Missouri's precincts reporting.

Except… according to CNN, with 97 percent of the votes counted, there are only 3 counties that haven't fully reported. Boone County, home of Columbia University, where Obama is winning about 60-35. Ray County, voting 66-30 for Clinton. Vote-rich St. Louis County, going for Obama in a landslide. Unless the AP is aware of a huge cache of uncounted ballots, Obama will win the state by about 6,000 votes. It's a weird end to a night of off-kilter horse race reporting.

UPDATE 12:33: Fox News calls it for Obama. But anyone with a map could have, really.