Ron Paul is Leading in the Polls…


…in the 49th state. According to the newest survey by Anchorage's Channel 2:

Which Republican presidential candidate will you support in Alaska's caucus?

Ron Paul—29
Mike Huckabee—22
Rudy Giuliani—14
Fred Thompson—12
John McCain—9
Mitt Romney—9

Alaska is an odd state—married to federal money, distrustful of Democrats, and very warm to insurgent candidates. Thirty years ago Dick Randolph won a state House seat and became the first elected LP legislator. Twenty years ago, Jesse Jackson won the state's caucuses. And Alaska holds a caucus that's 1)poorly attended (4,330 showed up in 2000) and 2)early in the process (Feb. 5). We're looking at a situation where Ron Paul could win more states than John McCain and Fred Thompson.

Of course, the TV station says what it thinks about the poll in its headline… [UPDATE: When I posted this story the headline read "Alaska May Nominate Fringe Candidate," and that was changed literally minutes later. Should have taken a screenshot.]