Ron Paul

Ron Paul is Leading in the Polls…


…in the 49th state. According to the newest survey by Anchorage's Channel 2:

Which Republican presidential candidate will you support in Alaska's caucus?

Ron Paul - 29
Mike Huckabee - 22
Rudy Giuliani - 14
Fred Thompson - 12
John McCain - 9
Mitt Romney - 9
Other - 6

Alaska is an odd state—married to federal money, distrustful of Democrats, and very warm to insurgent candidates. Thirty years ago Dick Randolph won a state House seat and became the first elected LP legislator. Twenty years ago, Jesse Jackson won the state's caucuses. And Alaska holds a caucus that's 1)poorly attended (4,330 showed up in 2000) and 2)early in the process (Feb. 5). We're looking at a situation where Ron Paul could win more states than John McCain and Fred Thompson.

Of course, the TV station says what it thinks about the poll in its headline… [UPDATE: When I posted this story the headline read "Alaska May Nominate Fringe Candidate," and that was changed literally minutes later. Should have taken a screenshot.]