Medical Marijuana

Listen to Gillespie on NORML's Audio Stash, Discussing Medical Marijuana


The good folks over at NORML interviewed me yesterday to talk about Drew Carey, medical marijuana, and possibilities for the drug war's end.

You can listen by going to Audio Stash and clicking on the link for November 1.

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  1. Awesome!

    I’ve been listening to the audio stash for a few months now and it’s become my favorite podcast.

    Reason + NORML = Fantastic!

  2. I can’t open files like this.
    When did Nick say the WoD would end?

  3. man fucking norml.

    audio stash? why not call it “we’re fucking potheads” cast instead?

    this does not help.

  4. dhex,

    I swear the biggest impediment to decriminalization / legalization is potheads and people who won’t shut up about hemp.

  5. dhex – I see your point if you believe in legalizing medical marijuana first, then moving on to other uses once people realize the world isn’t coming to an end.

    If you believe in total legalization for pot, however, then it’s irrelevant if the supporters are blatant about recreational use.

  6. Bakedpenguin. Similar thread discussion here.

  7. I personally hate marijuana, even though I will defend the right of any people or hippies to smoke it for fun, but let’s stop pretending it’s any more “medical” than Johnny Walker.

    This “medical marijuana” debate, when combined with coming nationalization of health care, essentially amounts to confiscation of tax dollars to pay for the chemical recreation of others and includes no similar reciprocation from potheads to those who prefer cigarettes, caffeine or alcohol.

    It represents the worst of the left’s tendency to say “we’re all in this together so you need to share with me while I give nothing back.”

    Medical marijuana’s a fraud. With imminent national health care, it’s a dangerous one.

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