"I'm Not Trying to Return to Reagan-Bush!"


Wow, the Log Cabin Republicans are really taking Mitt Romney to the woodshed.

Here's the group's explanation:

"Whether it's taxes, immigration, education, gay rights, gun ownership, stem cell research, abortion, campaign finance reform, or other key issues, Mitt Romney has a long list of flip-flops. The American people don't trust Massachusetts flip-floppers, whether they're Democrats or Republicans," said [Log Cabin head Patrick] Sammon.

"As much as Governor Romney wants to re-invent himself, his record speaks for itself," said Sammon. "The Mitt Romney of today is different from the Mitt Romney who was elected Massachusetts Governor and ran for the U.S. Senate. Romney may have forgotten what he used to believe, but Republicans won't forget."

Note that this ad is (I'm estimating) 4567 percent more effective than the "Gays for Giuliani" ad, simply because it follows the rhythms and structure of a real campaign ad.

Why are the LCRs so angry at Romney but not at Rudy? I'm guessing it's the sheer arrogance with which he turned on Massachusetts gays when he decided he was running for president. Yes, I'm familiar with Hugh Hewitt's take on this, but Romney went from saying he'd be great for gay rights ("better than Ted Kennedy") to adopting all of the "save marriage" rhetoric of anti-gay rights campaigners in the Bay State. He showed a cold, calculating scorn of a group that voted for him, and they won't forget that.

(Via Liz Mair.)