Jack McClellan Zoned Out of California


The Los Angeles City Attorney's Office has decided not to pursue charges against self-proclaimed (but nonpracticing) pedophile Jack McClellan, concluding that the terms of the court order he violated were not adequately explained to him. That order, which was issued based on his public discussion of his sexual attraction to little girls, commanded him to stay at least 30 feet from every minor in California; a new order issued Friday makes it 30 feet from places where children congregate, including schools, playgrounds, and child care centers. On Saturday McClellan told reporters, "I have to leave the state, really. I mean, I can't live here under this Orwellian protocol, whatever you want to call it. It's just nightmarish." I noted the First Amendment implications of McClellan's case, which seems ready-made for law school discussion, a couple weeks ago.