About the Last Barry Bonds Post You're Likely To See for a While (History Is Made Edition)


Just last night, Jacob Sullum summarized recent reason writing on the issue of Barry Bonds and steroids, plus throwing in the question of whether he's a cyborg jerk, rather than a straight-up human one.

But in any case, Bonds did hit the record-breaking dinger last night, and got a nice Jumbotron congrats from Hank Aaron (Babe Ruth was peevishly silent on the achievement). So Hit & Runners, what do you think of it all? And isn't it odd that Bonds' record will surely be eclipsed within the next decade by either Alex Rodriguez and/or Ken Griffey Jr.?

And whether or not that happens, will anyone care in 25 years that Bonds was likely juicing?

Pipe up now, because Bonds, baseball, and the whole steroid thing just got less interesting for a while.

Update: Just because folks in the comments section are going wild about their favorite records, let me take an editor's perogrative and throw in mine: Hack Wilson's single-season RBI record of 191, set in 1930. Quite possibly the most impressive offensive record in baseball, by a guy who was 5'6″ tall, weighed 195 pounds and had a size 18 neck and size 6 shoes. Though also one that was the result of alcohol as a performance-enhancer. Wilson was fond of saying (read: lying) that he never played drunk, only hungover. Whatever the truth was, 191 RBIs is a record that will stand for a very long time.