Be Slightly Less Afraid of President McCain (But Only Slightly)


Apropos of today's story by Ilya Somin, Ryan Sager reports that John McCain favors a Constitutional Amendment to protect property rights.

I have co-sponsored legislation to forbid this kind of government taking; Congress and the States should follow Iowa's lead and pass such laws. But laws defending private property are only as secure as the judges that defend those laws. Kelo passed narrowly, supported by a five to four majority with a track record of legislating from the bench. As President, I pledge to appoint strict constructionist judges who respect the Constitution and understand the security of private property it provides. If need be, I would seek to amend the Constitution to protect private property rights in America.

I agree with Somin that state ballot referenda are the most effective way of reforming property rights, and I agree with McCain rhetorically. So, anyone know why McCain didn't endorse Arizona's Prop. 207 in 2006?