Gays For (or Against?) Giuliani


Here's a fun video touting Republican frontrunner Rudy Giuliani as a friend to the gays:

The ad is the work of Ryan J. Davis, who writes "I'm a gay New York City resident who lived here while Rudy was Mayor. I appreciated his support of my community when he was mayor and am shocked and offended by his flip-flopping on gay issues….I don't like hypocrites in any party." Which means Davis will have plenty more ads in him, on this issue and others.

What I like about the ad is that, whatever the creator's intent, it functions simultaneously as a gibe at Rudy's flip-flopping on the civil-union issue and a critique of basically every other candidate's stance, too.

Rare for politicial satire, it achieves the sort of brilliant mind-fuck quality achieved by The Onion's op-ed page cartoonist–whose work is both a parody of right-wing claptrap and lefty parodies of the same–and the fictional prankster Guy Grand in Terry Southern's The Magic Christian.

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  1. But but…hes “libertarian leaning!!! Just like Fred Thompson!!!11one”


  2. If enough of the people you don’t support (gays in this case) support your bid for the White House, will that alienate your base (fundimentalists in this case), especially if they start showing up at your campaign rallies?

    Can you really beat ’em by joining ’em?

  3. Can you really beat ’em by joining ’em?

    You can if you attend every rally in assless chaps.

  4. Translation of “libertarian leanings”

    Vito: Hey, dem liberotarians opened a flower shop down da street. And dey told our “insurance” man to get out!

    Guido: Lean on ’em Vito, Lean on ’em!

  5. Giuliani has just been SwiftButted!

  6. The Onion’s op-ed page cartoonist–whose work is both a parody of right-wing claptrap and lefty parodies of the same

    Somehow the idea that Organic Food Movement destroying industrialized agriculture is a little far fetched.

  7. i heard a funny story about rudolfo this weekend. a friend growing up in brooklyn used to play with the son of a buyer/manager at the fulton fish market, now retired. at a recent block party barbeque the conversation turned around to tha ill duce and the old man described him as “the biggest crook i ever met.”


    joshua: yeah that’s kind of the point.

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