Washington Times on the Rise of Paul


Washington's right-wing daily notices that Ron Paul's star keeps rising, however slowly: "Buzz Builds for Longshot Ron Paul." [UPDATE: Link and headline changed since yesterday. Story can now be found as  "Paul Rises from GOP Unknown to 'Sleeper.' ] Excerpt:

Mr. Paul has more campaign cash available than former Republican front-runner Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Federal Election Commission records show, and the antiwar conservative has become an Internet sensation.

Though political pros say Mr. Paul's chances of moving into the White House are somewhere between slim and none, some expect him to have an impact on the 2008 Republican campaign.

"I watched the Republican presidential debates with neighbors, and two of the five people in the room said, 'Who is that guy? I really like him,'" said Republican media consultant Tom Edmonds. "My gut tells me he's a sleeper and will indeed have an impact on the Republican race."

The Texas obstetrician — whose habit of opposing measures he deems unconstitutional won him the sobriquet "Dr. No" — is admired as a man of principle by many conservative leaders and has already won attention from voters across the land, including Democrats.

Iowan Alex Gabis, for example, attended an event for Sen. Barack Obama, Illinois Democrat, in the Fairfield town square last week, but another candidate was on his mind.
"There is a Republican I like — he's from Texas," volunteered Mr. Gabis. "I don't look at the label. I listen to what he says. I think his name is Ron Paul. I like him. I'd vote for him."

My essay from a few weeks back on why Paul might–and might not–appeal to Democrats.