Nanny State

Screw You, Upton Sinclair (21st Century Foie Gras Edition)


Over at Doublethink, Baylen Linnekin drives deep into a plate of the most controversial organ meat:

No American food ban today is more contentious than Chicago's foie gras ban. That's why, prior to traveling to Chicago in the dead of winter earlier this year, I emailed Chicago Chefs for Choice, a group leading the fight against the ban.

That correspondence brought me to a warm, genial Chicago bistro owned by Didier Durand, a courageous French immigrant who wants to cook what his customers enjoy and who is fighting what may be America's dumbest prohibition.

Over one of the best and most forbidden meals of my life, Durand and his fellow chefs, their customers, and Don Gordon, a Democratic party candidate for alderman, spoke about the importance of defending individual rights in between bites of forbidden foie gras.

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