Live Earth After Death


Did you miss anything by skipping Live Earth? Here's Neal McCormick in the Telegraph:

There were 70,000 people in Wembley Stadium. The organisers had hoped for a television audience of two billion, to highlight the imminent dangers of global warming. On stage, Tom Chaplin from Keane vainly tried to lead a singalong. Behind him, a big screen boasted "We Called—You Answered", while the numbers who had responded to Live Earth's text message pledge were rolled out. The first line was "3,389 UK responses".

Frankly, my local community signed up more people to protest against a phone mast, and our only celebrity was a voiceover actor for Bob the Builder.

Snezhina Kovacheva of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (one of several D.C. libertarians who attended the concert with Bureaucrash):

Political activist Bob Geldof, who was the mastermind behind Live 8, labeled the event accurately: "It was just an enormous pop concert for the umpteenth time."

From PrisonPlanet:

A giant banner that read '9/11 inside job' was on display at this past weekend's Live Earth concert in London, reaching a potential audience of 2 billion people, before the truthers responsible for the wake-up call had the banner stolen, were briefly detained and then told to leave by security.

In the future every event will be crashed by 9/11 truth campaigners. Grover Norquist's Wednesday Meeting? The Bohemian Grove final evening key party? Episodes of Punk'd? The Paralympics? Your kid's bat mitzvah? None of it will be spared.

(Disclosure: Unlike these writers, I didn't attend the concert. But as they always seem to feature some sort of dinosaur rock reunion, I will attend the first world benefit concert that gets Lark's Tongues in Aspic-era King Crimson to reunite. This is scheduled for Live 9/11 Truth in 2011, I believe.)