New Libertarian Politics News, Analysis, and Conversation Site Launches


Steve Gordon, until recently political director for the Libertarian Party, has a new personal blog in which he (and a lively group of commenters) talk libertarian politics, both big "L" and small.

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  1. Always been a big fan of Steve Gordon, but isn’t this just a relaunch of “Hammer of Truth”?

  2. Warren. I hear HammerOfTruth and LibertyMix are going to be launched next week. It’s interesting that Gordon’s new site appears to be on the same server, though.

  3. Too funny. I work in the same building as Steve, or at least I used to it seems. I saw him all the time, but I didn’t know he was with the Libs.

    Heck, we even used adjoining urinals once. In the most manly of ways, of course, I must point out.

  4. In the most manly of ways, of course, I must point out.

    This does nothing to lessen the homo-erotic connotation of your comment.

  5. Warren–We stared straight ahead and according to international convention, only shared conversation at the sink. All men’s room protocols were observed at all times.


  6. Me thinks JW protest too much.

  7. For God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t cross the streams!

  8. I don’t know anything about Steve Gordon but based on his not-so-subtle phallic imagery I know what I’m supposed to think about him.

  9. What’s the thrust of your intrusive swollen point, Dan?

  10. I sense there may be some friction on this thread — heated, passionate friction that will explode across the page.

  11. There are protocols and protocols. One set is for most of us and the other is for George Michael.

    Did I just hear a toilet seat go WHAM!?

  12. Steve is a dear friend and I am happy to see him back in Blog World. Who knows, if the other Stephen can get HoT/Liberty Mix back up, perhaps we will all be blogging together again.

  13. that’s not friction, Stevo, that’s frisson

  14. JW – I’d be trying to figure out exactly who you are if I wasn’t doing the manly thing and absolutely avoiding eye contact.

  15. Does anyone write LP fanfic? And no, I don’t really want to know the answer to that question.

  16. Good thing. A lot of his blog entries for the official Libertarian Party website weren’t appropriate for what I assume is supposed to be an outreach tool, somewhat insulting to potential liberal and conservative converts to the party, but they would be interesting entries from an individual commenter.

  17. The real relaunch of Hammer of Truth (well, almost) happened a while back.

  18. 2010 The Year of the Libertarian
    Cecil Anthony Ince

    Wednesday, February 10, 2010-

    The growth and accomplishments of the libertarian party over the years past have been political achievements of historical phenomenon. Since the formation and conception of the party in 1971, we have commenced to prove ourselves time and time again as being a viable party that has achieved more than any other minor or third party since the republicans and democrats took power and established the two party system in the United States.

    The Libertarian Party has grown in more ways than one, from a third-party to an official minor in just about every state in the union. We have grown out of the clich? of being a “long-haired, pot smoking, gun-tooting radical third-party” and we have grown into an elect-able, less-government advocating party of principle.

    Even our candidates have become elect-able, no longer the long-hair pot smoking hippy, today most of our candidate present themselves as clean-cut, suit and tie, professionals.

    We have seen libertarians doing more then just running for office. Having fewer paper candidates then ever before. Libertarians are getting elected to city councils, county offices, and even state legislative seats. We pull more and more votes each election year. Aside for candidates campaigning during election years, we have seen libertarians bringing libertarian changes to government during non-election years. Libertarians have got more involved in their communities. We have been recognized in many areas for our works. We have begun to put libertarian principles in to application and thereby showing the people that our principles work and are not utopian ideologies. We have creditability that has been accomplished by dedicated hard working libertarians. Such libertarian efforts have generated much positive press.

    Today we have many notable friends in the media; they no longer ignore us or discount us. In Fact, we have libertarian friendly media in every area of news available. The list is growing and the personalities that have advocated libertarianism is just as substantial.

    In the past fifteen years many not-for-profit organization have been established advocating libertarian principles, such as the We The People Foundation, Campaign for Liberty, and the Ron Paul Revolution. From the efforts of these causes we have seen two movements present themselves on the political front: the 9/12 marches and the Tea Parties. Many libertarians feel indifferent about these groups. However one may feel about them they have advocated libertarian principles about less government, ending income taxation, and national health care. The problem with these groups that some libertarians have is that they feel that the “Conservatives” are using these groups as a vehicle to infiltrate a republican agenda. That may be true, however the majority of these individuals are grassroots advocates that are more libertarians minded then they are conservative.

    2010 is the year of the libertarian. The 9/12 and Tea Party groups can benefit our candidates. There we can find many hungry for our message and who are willing to support our campaigns. That is if we are willing to campaign on their turf.

    If libertarian candidates run campaigns to win and not just maintain ballot access then we can go from being an official minor party, which only receives just over 2% of the vote, to an official major party that receives over 20% of the vote. The choice is ours.

    As a party we either join together or fall apart. WE run candidates to win election or we don’t run candidates at all. We help the state parties, regardless if we live in that state. We send money to our libertarian candidate. We form caucuses and we stand united as one party. We continue to fight even in off years. We form PAC’s and organizations promoting libertarianism. Many have already started these tasks yet more needs to be done and it states with the individual libertarian.

    One of the biggest steps we can take as libertarians is to form libertarian lobbyist groups. Lobbying for libertarian legislation in our state and nation legislative bodies. If we don’t have an elected libertarian in office to introduce libertarian legislation then we need to lobby our republican and democrat friends to introduce it for us.

    We are growing in the number of members and in the number of votes received each year, and we are growing in creditability. The time is now, 2010 is upon us and we should hit the November general election running to win. The reward will be ours in the following years. 2012 will make history again for the libertarian party, if we do not half-measure our efforts.

    Libertarians Unite to win in 2010! By put 150% of our efforts in to our campaigns we will awake the morning after the election to find two results: one that libertarians have won elections and the other that we have received over 20% of the vote.

    This is the year of the libertarian. What we do with it is up to us. I invite every libertarian to this challenge, to rise to the occasion and support the libertarian candidate and that every Libertarian runs to win. Lets put libertarians in office this is our year. Just ask yourself what you will do. Can you send money to your libertarian candidates? Can you make phone calls or write letters on your candidate’s behalf? Can you host an event for your candidates? Can you produce TV, Radio, or Newspaper Ad’s? What will you do to get libertarians elected? Whatever you can do, do it.

    We libertarians need to join together to get libertarians elected. We are no longer a third-party. We have ballot access. Now lets get libertarians elected at the county, state and national levels. Go at it with the determination to win and the pay-off will be 20% or more of the vote and elected libertarians.

    No one can win a race if he expects to come in third. If you aim for the gold and if you miss at lest you get the silver it reward is better than the bronze.

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