Mitt Romney

Attack of the Presidential Homunculi


From Dean Barnett at, the blog so deep in the tank for Mitt Romney that you get the bends reading it:

When you click on, a little talking version of Mitt pops up, gives you the skinny on the site and asks for some jingle. It's pretty cool, a little odd, and like nothing else I've ever seen a politician do… Allah and I both thought the Mini-Mitt thing was pretty righteous. Yeah, it was a little weird and a little short of artistic perfection, but it was also very cool. It was like nothing we've ever seen.

And here's a screenshot of the magic Mini-Mitt.

Incredible! Innovative! Unless you clicked on the website of would-be Democratic presidential candidate Mark Warner more than a year ago, when his web guy Jerome Armstrong launched the exact same kind of "mini" candidate. Note the tiny talking Warner at the bottom of the page.

No larger point here, other than the easily-impressed nature of Romney supporters and the fruit-fly-like memories people have about political campaigns.