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Fred Thompson Wins 25 Percent of Cheney Family Vote*


Stephen Hayes, who's quickly become the Edward R. Murrow of the Fred Thompson beat, has a new scoop:

Fred Thompson is adding more big-name policy talent as his testing-the-waters committee continues to grow into a real presidential campaign. Among the new additions: Mark Esper, national security adviser to former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist; Joel Shin, a top policy staffer on Bush-Cheney 2000; and Elizabeth Cheney, a former top official in the State Department's Near East and South Asia department.

Wait… Elizabeth Cheney?

Liz Cheney, the older of Vice President Dick Cheney's two daughters, served most recently as principal deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs and coordinator for Broader Middle East and North Africa Initiatives. That title–no doubt one of the longest in the federal government–means that Cheney was on the leading edge of President Bush's effort to bring democratic and market-based reform to the region.

That's a nice way of putting it, like saying "Roberto Goizueta was on the leading edge of bringing dynamic change and a bold new taste to the Coca-Cola formula." Although, of course, our policies in the greater Middle East have been more successful than our policies in Iraq. Reason's sum-up of the Thompson bid is looking more and more prescient:

If you liked the Bush era but wished the president's voice had a little more bass, Thompson's the one.

*Headline reference here, second item.

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  1. At least the Coca-Cola Corp. had the good sense to stop selling New Coke after a while.

  2. I’m sure “Fred Thompson, the choice of those at support committed homosexual partnerships with children” will play nicely in South Carolina too.

  3. national security adviser to former Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist… a top policy staffer on Bush-Cheney 2000…a former top official in the State Department’s Near East and South Asia department

    Clearly, some Democrat hacked their server. No one trying to be supportive of Thompson would possibly put that information in the announcement.

  4. I’ve found a source for The Real Thing (TM), you know, Coke from Mexico made with SUGAR. (and I’m 200 miles from the Canadian Border.)

    Ain’t nothin like the Real thing, Baby!

    As far as candidates go, only Ron Paul is the real thing.

  5. Fred all the way.

  6. If you liked the Bush era…

    Regarding Cheney: I’m sure he knows that it’s usually wiser to be the string-puller than it is to be the puppet on the throne whose strings are pulled.

  7. Heh, a President with a bit more bass is not a bad thing.

  8. Andrew Ian Dodge,

    James Earl Jones is running? Man, we could calm down Iraq just by broadcasting him speaking: “This is Allah. Calm the fuck down.”

  9. I’d vote for Barry White. If he can save the snakes from Whacking Day, he can surely save America.

    /Googles Barry White

    Nevermind! He’s dead.

  10. Barry lacked the extra oomph of James Earl Jones, father of Luke, anyway.

  11. Was Stephen Hayes’s source for this story Curveball? Mr. Hayes would have made Streicher blush with the crap he peddled on Iraq.

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