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Feds to Students for Sensible Drug Policy: We'll Get Back To You in 200 Years


SSDP's Tom Angell just got a note from the Office of National Drug Control Policy in response to a Freedom of Information Act request. The gist of it: It'll take 200 years to get back to you.

Check it out here.

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  1. A typo. Nothing to see here.

  2. Based on the experience of Americans for Safe Access and a Data Quality request to the HHS I don’t necessarily think it’s a typo.

  3. Cute. The scary thing, though, is that I actually had to read it and consider it carefully to conclude that it probably – probably – is a typo, and to realize that we’ll all just have to wait and see if SSDP gets the information requested.

  4. It’s clearly a typo, but even money on whether he actually gets a response by June 22, 2207, and if he does, ten to one the answer is “pound sand”

  5. “A typo. Nothing to see here.”

    Sure, but these are drug warriors we’re talking about. They’ll shrug their shoulders and rely on the typo.

  6. Son of a bitch!

  7. June 22, 2207? What a coincidence, that’s the same day Bush XIV is set to review whether we need to withdraw from Iraq.

  8. If the Office of National Drug Control Policy thinks 200 months is an appropriate sentence for dealing drugs, maybe 200 years is proportionally appropriate for responding to a FOIA request.

  9. LOL! And crimethink wins the thread.

  10. Is it a typo? I don’t think so. Anyway, the fact that there is even a debate says alot about the “freedom of information” we have.

  11. Anyone see the update on the blog?

    “UPDATE: I just received a call from the ONDCP’s Daniel Petersen, who was apparently upset about my post (is ONDCP really reading this blog regularly?). “If you’re going to play games like this, you can expect the same kind of games to be played on you,” he said. What kinds of schemes does ONDCP have planned for us, anyway? Mr. Petersen also called me ‘childish.'”

  12. Perhaps Mr. Petersen could stop playing his BS games with my tax money. Everyday I have to hear the propaganda I am forced at risk of loing my freedom to pay for. Nothing like having yourmoney wasted thrown in your face and all as you ride to work. At least when I get home I can smoke a doob and chill out with the real truth.

    They have jumped the shark 1000x’s over but no one will pull the plug because they make us pay for it. If those spots had to be paid for by a sponsor I don’t think we would see many at all.

  13. Christ, if I talked to a client like that, I’d likely be fired.

    Must be nice to be a government employee, where you can treat people with utter disdain and suffer no repercussions.

  14. If you’re going to play games like this, you can expect the same kind of games to be played on you

    What, is the ONDCP going to post the SSDP’s typos? Or do they have something more sinister in mind?

  15. oops, wrong thread

  16. We don’t make typos at SSDP!



  17. Don’t you people understand? The Market has chosen to have rude assholes in charge of drug policy.

  18. Uh…I think the Decider has chosen to have rude assholes in charge of drug policy – the Druginator or the Drugster, or sumpin like that.

  19. Daniel R. Petersen
    (202) 395-6745

    In case anyone wants to comment on his ‘games’ comment…

  20. *everyone* who reads about this shuold send mr petersen an email. i sent him one: both to excoriate him for being unprofessional, and to let him know that even the ONDCP has no power to “expand” time. the grammatical error was just as amusing as the chronological one.

    if everyone reading the blog and comment entries sends an email to mr petersen, we can keep him busy. hell, if we all did it several times a day for the next week, we ought to be able to make him pop a gasket.

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