Ron Paul

"Ron Paul Rules! And Not Just On the Internet!"


I'm set up for the Republican debate after a short trip outside, talking to delirious presidential groupies. As you can see, the Ron Paul forces—up to 200 of them—absolutely dominated the free speech zone. Nice-looking Romney/Rudy/McCain backers were outnumbered from the getgo, and they were hopelessly outmatched in the Battle of the Chants. For example:

MITT SUPPORTERS: M-I-T-T! Romney! Romney!
PAUL SUPPORTERS: Abolish the Federal Reserve! Abolish the Federal Reserve!

Another great Paul chant: "Ron Paul rules! And not just on the internet!"

I don't think I'm giving the other candidates' supporters short shrift. Most of them trickled in after work and were beat to the crucial front-of-the-pen camera spots by SEIU, anti-war protesters, and the One Campaign. But no one's too combative or sour. Mitt Romney backers built a gag harpoon and "speared" the Flip Romney dolphin. Rudy backers declined to say anything nasty about Paul. The 9/11 Truth folks idled at the back of the pen, engaging the skeptics and occasionally yelling stuff like "Rudy's a war criminal!" and "Cheney was the inside man!"

There'll be a full debate thread up at 7.

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  1. Ever notice how candidate supporters are more interesting than candidates?

  2. Go Ron.

  3. Here in Tempe, someone built (plywood, spraypaint, etc.) a large “Ron Paul for President in ’08” sign in their front yard. I think it’s great, but his neighbors will probably be tired of it by November 2008.

  4. So far the ONLY presidential support sign I have seen is a local businessman’s hand made 6’x8′ sign that says simply “Ron Paul for President”.

    Personally, a more catchy slogan would be:

    Ron Paul for Liberty!
    Ron Paul for President!

  5. I saw a Paul button on a back-pack the other day. (Granted, this is at the University of Chicago; we have the curious combination of Paul and Obama.)

  6. What, no digital video?

    And you call yourself a blogger?

  7. I’ll be covering it too starting at the same time, and I’ll be helping Reasonites understand the lies McCain et al will tell them about immigration matters.

  8. You should see myspace, It’s freaking covered in Ron Paul support. I’ve seen dozens of profile pics changed to “Ron Paul for President 2008”.

    ..Not that I hang out on myspace, it’s my girlfriend’s account I swear.

  9. Miche has last night’s Ron Paul clip from the Daily Show posted here.

  10. I thought Facebook was the official social networking site of Reasonoids.

  11. Great. Here’s your starting lineup: Rudy, Mitt, and John are next to each other and in the middle, while RP is relegated to the far right corner. Random my ass!

    Sitting in the audience and looking at the stage, from left to right: Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo, former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson, Sen. Sam Brownback, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Arizona Sen. John McCain, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, California Rep. Duncan Hunter, former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore and Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

  12. Is that seriously a crime think fan?

    But I am excited for the presidential debate tonight.

  13. My handle comes from the “Newspeak” term for thoughtcrime (from 1984). Is that what you’re talking about?

  14. No, Facebook is where Dave W set up our little corner of the universe and where I learned that Stevo Daklry and NoStar met on a blind date (I think).

    All the Myspace stuff is spontaneous order in action and apparently there is more spontaneous ordering of Ron Paul over there.

    But, heck, I even saw a Ron Paul promo in the comments on a U Tube video that had nothing to do with politics. It was a killer version of Yer Blues from some old 60’s Brit TV special.

    And now for the inevitable gratuitous self promotion on Reason’s dime, you can see the video here . If you’re old or you like blues, you will enjoy it.

  15. crimethink, CNN did the same thing to the Dems.

  16. Looks like they had Edwards, Clinton, and Obama together in the center for the Dem debate too! Are they trying to tell us something?

  17. No I meant the crazy anarcho-crust punk organization. Turns out it is spelled CrimethInc. though.

    Heres the wiki

  18. sorry joe! maybe I should use preview next time!

  19. If Wolf Blitzer acts like a third grade teacher again with the introductions, hand raising, and ridiculous hypotheticals, I’m going to have to restrain myself from throwing my remote through the tv.

  20. WTF?! The chick on CNN is going on about how Fred Thompson is the strongest candidate on the Internet.

  21. Perhaps you should turn off the debate, crimethink, before you give yourself an aneurysm. 🙂

  22. Rudy wouldn’t know “live free or die” if it came up and bit him on the ass. And hopefully it will.

  23. As my Aus friend would say: “I’m happy as a pig in shit!”

    I’m glad Ron is getting this sort of attention. He makes sense, has been a good politician and deserve more recognition. Even if he has no realistic chance at the Republican nomination both parties should hear the discontent of the American people with their governance.

    Democrats and Republicans (except Libertarians who have been forced into the republican camp) I fart in your general direction!

  24. I know most people don’t care, but those Ron Paul signs are some of the most poorly designed political signs I’ve ever seen. Well, on second thought, I’ve seen LP posters that are worse, but they’re the worst I remember seeing from a candidate who’s trying to be taken seriously by one of the two major parties. Spend a few dollars and use a design agency that knows what it’s doing. Please?

  25. How can anyone support a man
    who has a first name for a last name?

    Ronald Ernest Paul…REP, as in congressman.
    As president, he would be PREP…664.

    To finish the first sentence,
    How can anyone support a man
    who has a firs name for a last name
    and only got one-half of one percent
    of the vote the last time he ran for president?

    Well, I personally miss Nader being here.
    Someone has to throw some guts in their faces,
    both of their faces.

  26. I have that sign in my front yard.
    It was $5 bucks and easy to order and put up.

    I wish the Ron Paul campaign would sell their own signs that are as easy to get as the ones at

    I did buy a bumper sticker from Ron Paul’s site though.

  27. I know most people don’t care, but those Ron Paul signs are some of the most poorly designed political signs I’ve ever seen.

    That and the fact the crowd is missing a hot chick wearing a mouth gag.

  28. This man can save our country, make our dollar worth something again, and put the free back into freedom. If there is any justice and the peoples’ voices are heard he will be president of this once great country. He is the only canidate that speak from the heart, with fact, and needs no cue cards.
    The best part is he is right.
    The worst part is every other politition want to shut him up (you know, the people running this country into the ground), as well as most media groups. Thank GOD (not Al Gore) for the Internet!
    Give them HELL RON PAUL!

  29. Sorry about the spelling and wording.. In a hurry..

  30. “Ron Paul Rules”

    That’s what I’m afraid of.

    If Ron Paul Leaves Me Alone, then I’m all for it.

  31. It’s easier than ‘Ron Paul kicks ass.’

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