The Germ Comes Clean


Even more signs that the apocalypse is nigh: Ex-junkie rock stars who are arrested for carrying soap turn out to be…carrying soap, not "date-rape drugs," as the fuzz claim!

Yes, former and current and future Germs drummer Don Bolles, last seen at Hit & Run getting busting by Orange County cops and improbably claiming he's got the complexion of a "15-year-old girl," has been cleared of all charges. Really, who could have ever anticipated the headline: "Drug test exonerates punk rocker"?

The LA Times reports:

It was soap, not dope.

That's the verdict from additional testing of the peppermint-scented liquid that got punk rocker Don Bolles arrested on drug charges this month.

Bolles, 50, the legendary drummer for the Germs, spent three days in jail after Newport Beach police said they found GHB, the date-rape drug, inside a bottle of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap in Bolles' 1968 Dodge van.

Police ran a field test on the yellowish goop after stopping Bolles for a broken taillight on April 4….

"Police departments nationwide should immediately stop using the ODV field test for GHB," Bronner's president David Bronner said.

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