Sharp Question for Dull Politician on Medical Marijuana


Frequent Hit and Run commenter Jennifer (Abel) writes in the Hartford Advocate of a politician who opposes a proposed "compassionate use" medical marjuana law in Connecticut:

Why should it be illegal for [Mark] Braunstein [a local medical marijuana user] to smoke? Because marijuana's bad for you. So bad those who smoke it should go to jail? Yes, because it's against the law. Why? Because it's bad for you.

How long did [state Rep. Toni] Boucher think that paralyzed guy at the college should spend in prison?

There followed a long silence broken by Boucher's response: "That's a ludicrous question."

Indeed it is, but the law makes it relevant. If Braunstein deserves prison, then for how long? Boucher says that's not for a legislator to decide: "We're not the judiciary."

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