Is This Any Way To Run a Drug War? (Video)


The Smoking Gun is turning 10 years old and they're celebrating by beefing up the video component of that invaluable source for all sorts of official, semi-official, and secret documents.

Here's a clip they're touting that will be of special interest to Reason readers–and to all opponents of the War on Drugs and stupid government in general. Watch as a Drug Enforcement Administration agent literally shoots himself in the foot with a Glock handgun while teaching Florida school kids about gun safety. "I'm the only one professional enough in this room that I know of to handle a Glock 40," boasts the agent immediately before injuring himself.

After the boom-boom, he sagely adds: "Guys: Never play with guns."

Which, if nothing else, should have made the kids glad that he wasn't teaching sex ed.

Take the rest of the morning off and check out TSG's video archive here.