Hillary Clinton: Liberaltarian?


It hurt just typing that. And it's really just a shameful ploy to get you to read this post.

But NTU reports :

Presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton (D-NY) has proposed cutting 500,000 government contractors and saving taxpayers $18 billion a year.

Senator Clinton also wants to create a government database that would track the effectives of government agencies. The federal government, to some extent, already performs this service. But, there's always room for more accountability and less spending.

Taxpayers should be happy that the Democratic frontrunner has called for more accountability and an $18 billion cut in federal spending. We'll be waiting patiently for her tax reform and entitlement overhaul proposals.

I've heard some policy people suggest we establish a BRAC -like commission to hunt down anachroisitc and ineffective government agencies and programs for elimination. Seems like a good idea.

The obvious question with Hillary's proposal is if the jobs those contractors perform would also be eliminated, or if they'd merely be transfered back to full-time federal employees. And take any calls from Mrs. Clinton for "more transparent" government with a fistful of salt. On the other hand, Al Gore's "Reinventing Government" program actually did quite a bit of good.