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Does George Soros Own Bill Richardson?


Federal drug czar John Walters says New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed a medical marijuana bill into law this week "to curry the favor of wealthy donors who are marijuana legalization advocates." Billionaire philanthropist George Soros and the Drug Policy Alliance Network (the lobbying arm of an organization Soros supports) each gave $25,000 to Richardson's re-election campaign last year. Yet Richardson's support for letting patients use marijuana as a medicine predates these donations by at least four years, and surveys indicate 70 to 80 percent of Americans agree with him. It's possible, I suppose, that Richardson changed his mind on this issue in anticipation of money from George Soros, but it's at least as plausible to assert that George W. Bush supports the war on drugs because of donations from, say, Mel Sembler.

This week Richardson also signed a bill that shields drug users from prosecution for possession when they seek medical help for people who overdose. The threat of legal trouble deters bystanders from calling 911, resulting in avoidable fatalities. New Mexico has one of the country's highest heroin overdose rates. But I guess Walters would say that Richardson is just paying Soros back for his contribution. If so, we need more corruption like this.

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  1. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson signed a medical marijuana bill into law this week “to curry the favor of wealthy donors who are marijuana legalization advocates.”

    Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world where this was true.

  2. John Walters is one of the biggest assclown drug warriors ever shat into public service. There’s literally no lie so outrageous it wouldn’t pass his lips to keep up the fight.

  3. Why would “wealthy donors” be “marijuana legalization advocates” anyway, since Mr. Walters seems to see this as such a nefarious group?

    Surely it isn’t because they are positioned to make a killing on a plant that grows so easily even a pothead can manage it.

    Even less likely is that they live in fear of prosecution for their own personal use (they are wealthy, after all).

    What’s left? That maybe they think it’s good policy?

  4. it’s very hard to resist wishing cancer on john walters.

    oh in a world where justice actually existed, how sweet would the sound be of john walters in handcuffs, choking on his own vomit on the floor of a prison hospital room because his anti-emetic of choice was pot? maybe between the gasps he’d think “gee, i was kind of an asshole”; though it’d probably be just pure animal panic.

  5. How did they donate $25K each to his campaign? I thought we had CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM. I guess reform is in the eye of the beholder, eh?

  6. If you’re a get-along / go-along type of guy with your own principles, it’s probably really easy to assume the same of the other guy.

  7. Yep. Obviously anyone who thinks that maybe we shouldn’t have a heartless federal bureaucracy dictating medical policy and arresting people who are dying for using non-State approved medicine for symptom relief is a communist-hippie in the pocket of George Soros.


  8. I like his comment in Penn & Tellers Bullshit:

    “There’s no proof that marijuana cures cancer!”

  9. I like Richardson, plus anyone with an IQ over room temperature understand that weed is way less dangerous than booze. Anyone beat up their wife or girlfriend after toking a little green now and then?? Me thinks not. See Richardson on Jon Stewart show here:

  10. Gov. Richardson has announced he will veto the bill mandating inoculation for the Human Papiloma Virus, so he is not completely pro-drug.

    “Gringo”:campaign finance restrictions would prevent an individual from contributing $25,000 to a candidate for President, but most states allow large contributions to candidates for Governor.

  11. Does George Soros Own Bill Richardson?

    Does a bear shit in the second floor restroom at Tiffany & Co.?

  12. Are federal officials allowed to try and influence presidential campaigns so blatantly?

  13. What a bunch of balderdash, your headline! Nobody “owns” Bill Richardson. He’s a great governor, with a real international resume, the kind that is needed to rebuild the USA’s suffering international image and our dismal domestic and international economic difficulties, thanks to at least six years of Halliburton-driven corporate klepto-plutocracy. That is what George Soros likes about Richardson; that is what I like about him, and why I think he should be President. His abilities and intelligence will go far, even if he doesn’t raise the top millions of dollars in contributions. He has made New Mexico a better place, including his 7 terms in Congress. The UN Ambassador job is my favorite part of his resume: I too am an international thinking activist.

    Stephen Fox

  14. Stephen Fox of Santa Fe New Mexico (if that is your real name and location),

    Are you a nut?

    I’m asking just cuz I went to your website, and it kind of looks like you are.

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