Stoners vs. Drunks


Contributing Editor and Brickbats author Charles Oliver points to a brewing fight between boozers and stoners. Or more specifically, between Modern Drunkard magazine and SAFER, a pro-pot and anti-alcohol group active in Colorado. From an article in MD:

As an alcohol enthusiast, you're probably aware that the PC nannies on the Left and the Bible thumpers on the Right are aligned against us. And fanatical Muslims, of course.

What you might not know is an even more virulently anti-alcohol group has sprung to life right in our midst. How virulent, you ask?

Their propaganda campaign would make the Anti-Saloon League blush. Their billboards announce that alcohol is the culprit behind incest and child molestation. They've put out wanted posters for brewer Pete Coors and Denver mayor (and bar owner) John Hinkenlooper, accusing them of "dealing a deadly drug." They say anyone selling alcohol, bartenders included, is a murderous pusher.

Go to their website and the first thing you'll notice is a graphic blaming alcohol for domestic violence, rape, and murder. They lay Mark Foley's perversity, Mel Gibson's anti-Semitism and even Dick Cheney's shotgun incident squarely at alcohol's feet. Their logic seems to be: Have you done anything wrong? Do you drink? Then it's alcohol's fault!

So who is this diabolical organization? Who could have so much hate in their heart for the thing we love so much?

You'll never guess.

It's  SAFER (Safer Alternative For Enjoyable Recreation.) A marijuana legalization group.

Et tu, Bongus?

Who would have guessed? We've always considered them allies, haven't we? There's a helluva lot of crossover between pot smokers and boozeheads, and I think it safe to say drinkers are many times more likely to support the legalization of marijuana than teetotalers.

Whole thing here.

Dogs doing yoga? Potheads attacking beer? Truly, these are the end times.