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Hey, have I told you the good word about my new book Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement lately? There's a podcast interview with me recorded right before yesterday's Cato Institute book forum (see photographic evidence here); check out the Mp3 here, with host and interviewer Anastasia Uglova.

Also, my responses to Brink Lindsey, Tyler Cowen, Tom Palmer, and Virginia Postrel are up today on Cato Unbound in our discussion about libertarian past and prospects kicked off by me here

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  1. Hey, Warren, have you seen pictures of Anastasia Uglova?

  2. By the way, Friday’s party at the Reason DC offices was off the hook.

    Free markets, free minds, free food …

  3. A bit of Doherty’s wisdom: ‘One might think Murray Rothbard’s contributions to political philosophy not worth noting; but without them, we would not have had the contributions of Robert Nozick to political philosophy.’

    I wonder what makes me think that that remark was prompted more by liking the conclusions Nozick reached than by admiration for the quality of the arguments he used to reach them?

  4. Since I far “prefer” Rothbard’s conclusions to Nozick’s, for what it’s worth, that’s unlikely. That sentence was in the context of a debate about attention for “respectable” libertarians vs. “marginal” ones, meant for libertarians–there are plenty–who think Nozick a valuable and respectable figure and think Rothbard a dangerous and marginal one.

  5. I understand that HANOI JANE once told a group of UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN students that IF YOU UNDERSTOOD COMMUNISM YOU WOULD HOPE YOU WOULD PRAY ON YOUR KNEES THAT WE WILL SOMEDAY BECOME COMMUNIST silly rediclous hollywood liberals always saying stupid things

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