Urgh! A YouTube War


The Club for Growth is whacking back at John McCain after he straight-talked them a blue streak to Pat Robertson's CBN.

This… isn't too impressive. Not a lot of minds will change after they see McCain go off the reservation on one tax cut. The Club's real case against McCain actually sounds like Matt Welch's in the new Reason:

His go-it-alone moralism sometimes results in pro-growth policies, as is the case in his anti-pork crusades. However, this moralism often manifests itself in the form of more government, less freedom, and a distrust of the individual and the free market system. This is dramatically the case in his opposition to the Bush tax cuts, his class-warfare rhetoric, his occasional support for large-scale increased government regulation, his willingness to raise Social Security taxes, and of course, his abysmal record on political free speech.

In related news, desultory voting records reveal that Barack Obama is more liberal than Dennis Kucinich (whose rating is goosed by his former pro-life sympathies) and Ron Paul is the most "liberal" GOP candidate. (They don't use the modifier "classical," which would be helpful.)