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Who's Your Daddy? Blogs Turn 10


Blogs turn 10 years old today. Sort of. No one can really decide who invented the blog (or the name), but CNET offers some candidates and a brief history here. The tenth birthday is today if we give credit to the "irascible Dave Winer," who claims he "bootstrapped the blogging revolution" and that his it is the "longest currently running Web log on the Internet." See the first blog post here.

Of course, some of the tools that became blogs have been around a long time, such as "the 'finger' command, which is so antique it actually dates back to the pre-Internet days of the ARPAnet. It was created in the early 1970s by Les Earnest, who had already invented the first spell-checker and the first successful cursive writing recognizer."

Read more from Earnest here.