Maybe the Real Question Is Why He Wasn't Smoking Crack…


Yet more evidence of "The Roth Effect" (i.e., the outpacing of fictional reality by the daily newspaper):

A Broward County judge caught up in the Anna Nicole Smith hysteria made the news again Sunday when he was charged with smoking a joint in a Hollywood park, police said.

Police cited Judge Lawrence Korda, 59, while he was sitting underneath a tree in Stan Goldman Park, just west of Interstate 95 near Johnson Street….

Korda has served on the bench since the 1970s and currently presides in family court.

Last month, he dismissed a paternity action brought by one of Anna Nicole Smith's former lovers, ruling that Florida courts had no jurisdiction in the matter.

Korda came under scrutiny last year for insisting that a battered wife seeking a restraining order speak in English instead of her native Spanish.

Korda's remark—along with comments made by other judges—spurred representatives of the Cuban, Hispanic, Haitian, Caribbean, Asian-Pacific, black and women's bar associations to seek intervention by Broward Chief Judge Dale Ross. Not long after, Ross required all Broward judges to attend sensitivity training.

More here, sadly.

Go here for more info on Stan Goldman Park, which apparently is one of the Glory Hole centers of Hollywood, Florida ("Cruisy park—wooded trails").