War in Iraq: Not Over Yet!


In case you'd been holding your breath:

In an ominous sign for the Democratic legislative campaign to end the war in Iraq, the Senate on Thursday rejected a resolution that would have required President Bush to begin withdrawing U.S. combat troops within 120 days after it was enacted.

Two Democrats joined one independent and all but one Republican to reject the measure, 50 to 48, marking the third time in the last six weeks that an antiwar resolution has foundered in the closely divided Senate.

Full L.A. Times story .

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  1. And so what you ask
    war on terror and on drugs
    forever amen

  2. Closer every time.
    One of these days it will work.
    Keep on pushing, Dems!

  3. sage,

    Are you implying that the war in Iraq is part of the war on terror? How totally retro-neocon of you. Happy Paddy Day.

  4. Democrats boldly
    predicted the fall of Bush
    Yet no bill is passed

  5. Did I miss the national haiku day declaration?

  6. Brian plaintively
    asks Why the haikus today?
    Because sage did it.

  7. Brian Doherty
    check out the thread that’s below
    the one on warming

    Sage started it all
    with a silly haiku verse
    now it’s all the rage

  8. Brian Doherty,
    Read the global warming thread
    where this all began.

  9. Pleasenote please help me!
    Bush finally brainwashed me
    Iraq not terror!

  10. Brian Doherty
    is living in denial.
    Cares not for Haiku.

  11. For a magazine
    Called Reason you are quite slow
    Everybody drink

  12. This “Haiku Friday”
    is a great idea. But it
    needs Tim Cavanaugh.

  13. not “haiku Friday”
    it would be too much weekly
    how ’bout once a year?

  14. Tim desert us for
    L.A. rag, is first against
    wall when we rise up

  15. I get nothing done
    I write too many haiku
    I may get fired

  16. Reason writers should
    post in haiku form, else I
    cancel subscription

  17. Good thing that welfare
    exists for haiku number
    he gets free handout

    As long as Iraq
    is linked to war on terror
    it will never end

  18. “Sage started it all
    with a silly haiku verse
    now it’s all the rage”

    By definition
    The last line in a Haiku
    That is not your dog

  19. The vote on the resolution was 48-50. However, if you assign each Senator 1/2 of his state’s population, the vote was approximately 147,700,000 yea – 114,100,000 nay (using 2000 Census figures).

    That’s 56.5% yeah, 43.5% nay.

    I wonder what it would look like to break down yea,nay votes by adding up the total votes that when to each Senator the last time they ran.

  20. Haiku Form:

    English-Language haiku is incorrectly said to have a prescribed form, three lines of 5-7-5 syllables and a seasonal reference. However, there is a great deal of debate about the form of English haiku and few agree that the 5-7-5 season reference form is the only acceptable form.

    What then is the form of a haiku? Some of the critical aspects of haiku form that have been mentioned are:

    brevity [one to three lines totaling 17 syllables or less]
    three lines — some would insist of 5-7-5 syllable structure, some suggest a structure of three lines with 5 or less, 7 or less, 5 or less syllables.
    when read aloud, can be completed in one breadth
    avoidance of traditional English poetic forms, such as rhyming and metaphor.


    descriptiveness … haiku describe, they don’t prescribe or tell.

  21. Must stop must stop must
    stop must stop must stop must stop
    must stop must stop now.

  22. is that pedantry?
    you make yourself sound so smart
    you should loosen up

  23. joe shows Senate not
    Majoritarian, and
    Founders say, “no shit.”

  24. joe is a demo
    says majorities should rule
    democracy sucks

  25. GOP?.against ending War(s)

  26. It is noteworthy that Sen. Hagel voted against the resolution to start winding down the war. Not really much of an “antiwar Republican.”

    Antiwar conservatives and libertarians really have only one choice in the Republican primaries – Ron Paul.

  27. joe, in the winter
    wrote that just to show, the nay
    votes are out of touch

  28. i hate government.
    republicans suck.
    so do the damn democrats.

  29. poetry police…up against the virtual wall…assume your (previously staked out) position

  30. Gore won popular
    yet he is not president
    electoral rule.

  31. In the springtime
    the blood of iraqis flow
    terror not so bad now.

  32. terror blooms in mind
    when reason is in a bind
    peace is hard to find

  33. Clorine gas truck bombs
    Not so bad, I guess, when you’re
    Home, safely typing.

  34. Drug war shills tell us
    Good numbers mean stay the course
    Bad number do, too.

  35. chlorine gas truck bombs
    are the work of peace makers
    terror, what terror?

  36. Flailing at straw men
    Is so much easier than
    Facing truth, eh wayne?

  37. OK, admits wayne,
    There are horrible, growing
    Attacks. But…hippies!

  38. Terror experts here
    Democrats all peddling fear
    hail cotton eyed Joe.

  39. Good night, Joe!

  40. Those Democrats who
    “Peddle fear,” wayne tells us
    If they win, world ends.

  41. the problem is not
    the democrats’ politics,
    it’s the enemy.

    radical islam
    has become the mainstream creed
    in too many states.

    the first people that
    will lose their heads to a sword
    are the kindly libs.

    joe dies protesting
    that he supported their right
    to kill their own kind.

    little did he know
    that their ambition extends
    beyond killing jews.

    too late that we learn
    their religion is a threat
    if you don’t believe.

    i’m an atheist
    which makes me an attractive
    try for a two-fer.

    for killing a jew
    who is also atheist
    paradise awaits.

  42. If democrats win
    the world continues apace
    lib pockets lined now.

  43. edna,

    You can come out of the safe room. “Radical Islamists” aren’t going to be taking over the United States any time soon.


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