Religious Right Realizes: Time to Compromise!


Our old pal Mona, doing business at Jim Henley's "Unqualified Offerings" stomping ground, alerts us to some "new maturity" when it comes to Miss Grundyish moralistic sniffing on the right (as well as noting the continuation of some good ol' fashioned hoping that sexually unrepressed gays and woman get the punishment they certainly deserve).

Surprisingly successful religio-conservative pundit Cal Thomas at least realizes, facing a GOP lineup of potential presidential candidates, as Mona puts it, "heavily populated with serial adulterers and those demonstrably unable to sustain a series of marriages, any marriage" that it's time for even the Religious Right to realize they are voting for president, not church deacon, and that looking for staunch Christian moral purity in America these days, even in the high ranks of the GOP, is getting as hard as looking for it in the Sodoms and Gomorrahs of old.

I'll be discussing these sorts of issues–what Americans can or can't put up with in their presidential candidates, and for what reasons–tomorrow morning on the radio, hooked off of my Reason Online article on polls testing what prejudices Americans claim they just can't overcome in the voting booth. It'll be broadcast 7-8 am central time on Wisconsin Public Radio on Thursday morning March 15, with host Joy Cardin–see list of carrying stations here.