McCain: Straight Talk on Abortion


It isn't just tax cuts where it's often hard to figure out exactly where John McCain stands. In case you were wondering–and no wonder you might wonder, as this collection of Big Thoughts from McCain on abortion shows–he's for repealing Roe v. Wade. (Here is a detailed story on where he stood on this back in 2000–not so resolutely anti-Roe.)

While articles like last year's gajillion word tongue bath from Esquire studiously avoid linking love for McCain with any thought about his policy positions, surely this has got to start hurting him with his old media fans.

McCain watchers, keep your eyes open–in the next print issue of Reason (subscribe already!) we'll be presenting an amazing cover feature by our former associate editor Matt Welch, currently with the L.A. Times's op-ed page, on why John McCain's presidential ambitions should make Americans nervous.