You and La Migra and Everyone We Know


Whenever immigration hawks get tired of backing Compean and Ramos, Eliza Strickland has their new cause celebre.

Jeremy Brickner [was] a bounty hunter who made his living pursuing illegal immigrants and delivering them to ICE for deportation. He was one of a select few hired by bond agencies to find aliens with final deportation orders, people released on "immigration bonds." According to Brickner's records, he delivered 112 aliens to la migra's doorstep in the last three years.

But according to the U.S. Attorney's Office in San Francisco, Brickner took too many liberties with the law. In December, the attorney's office charged him with two counts of impersonating a federal agent, alleging he represented himself as "Immigration" when he handcuffed Terets, and again when he picked up a man in San Jose. ICE may be grateful for the other 110 aliens he picked up for them, but now the agency appears to have turned, bringing the full fury of the federal government down on him.

Whole story up at the SF Weekly.