Civil Liberties

Memory of Wardrobe Malfunction…


Unlike several Hit & Runners below, I thoroughly enjoyed Prince's halftime performance at the Super Bowl, though like all of America, I was mostly secretly hoping that the pasha of paisley would deliberately pull off a wardrobe malfunction that would give Tipper Gore, the then-senator's wife who became so disturbed by "Darling Nikki" that she started the Parents Music Resource Center back in the go-go '80s, the vapors (that is, the fainting spell, not the band who sang about masturbation with Japanese twist).

No such luck yesterday but there was that endearingly odd moment during "Purple Rain" when Prince strummed his signature symbol-guitar behind a white sheet and cast a phallic shadow that looked like something from an Aleister Crowley family picnic or a Star Trek slash fiction fanzine.

I suspect that those antics won't get the FCC's collective heart palpitatin', but take a gander here: