Giuliani Time


No wire story yet (UPDATE: Here it is) but the networks are reporting that Rudy Giuliani has entered the 2008 presidential race. Which means the official Republican field contains:

– Rudy Giulani
– John McCain (senator from Arizona)
– Sam Brownback (senator from Kansas)
– Ron Paul (libertarian congressman from Texas)
– Tom Tancredo (congressman from Colorado)
– Duncan Hunter (congressman from California)
– Tommy Thompson (former governor of Wisconsin)
– Mitt Romney (former governor of Massachusetts)
– Mike Huckabee (former governor of Arkansas)
– Jim Gilmore (former governor of Virginia)

Without a doubt, the party's strongest field since 1980. And if the election were held today, none of them would win.

Tim Cavanaugh's 2005 review of the best Rudy biography is this hour's required reading. Coming up next: Giuliani gives an exclusive interview to Sean Hannity (tonight at 9) and Chris Matthews literally explodes from an overdose of testosterone and bliss (sometime after 7).