Soon You'll Grow to Take a Chance With a Couple of Kooks


The typically decent Alternet website has published a pretty embarrassing article on the need for a serious "9/11 Truth Movement."

What happened to critical thinking? I thought "the Left" believed that the system's power is based on lies, exploitation and a media controlled by its own culture of overly cautious professionalism. The Left should be leading this 9/11 movement, not taking potshots from outside. Unfortunately, some of the movement's theories, like "the towers came down through a controlled demolition" sound esoteric at first blush. The "No Plane Hit the Pentagon" theory is a loose thread in a maze going nowhere.

I've got news for you; that's all the movement is. The folks I saw hoisting "9/11 Truth" signs at last weekend's anti-war march were not there to instigate serious debates about the history of U.S. intelligence and radical Islam. They wanted to display their evidence of how Building 7 had been brought down by controlled demolitions. They were morons.

The U.S. State Department's dirtiest secret is its 30-year habit of working with the far-right radical Islamists. In 1977, President Carter's National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski (aka the "Democrats' Kissinger") started the Nationalities Working Group. According to his neocon minion, Richard Pipes, the group was tasked with using Islamic rage in the central Asian republics to stir up "genocidal fury" against the Soviet Union. (Pipes' son, Daniel, is a well-known neocon who headed the U.S. Institute for Peace under Bush II.) Brzezinski later admitted in an interview to Nouvel Observateur that he advised Carter to initiate funding for the Mujahedeen so that the Soviet Union would have to enter the region, engage in a Vietnam-like debacle and destroy their economy.

This… isn't a secret at all. This is pretty well known. Actually, packaging 50 years of history of U.S. interference in the Muslim world and the roots of modern terrorism as part of the "9/11 Truth Movement" is the best way to ensure we never talk about it. Take it from libertarians: You don't want your outlook and research to be associated with a bunch of kooks.