Senate Resolves To Stay the Course in Iraq


The Wash Times reports that "a majority" of senators support a nonbinding resolution about "staying the course in Iraq. From the story:

"Congress should not take any action that will endanger United States military forces in the field, including the elimination or reduction of funds for troops in the field, as such an action with respect to funding would undermine their safety or harm their effectiveness in pursuing their assigned missions," says the resolution, authored mainly by Sen. John W. Warner, Virginia Republican.

Although backers say they are deeply dissatisfied with the execution of the war, the resolution says that the United States "should continue vigorous operations" in parts of Iraq and that early withdrawal "would present a threat to regional and world peace."

More here. Has anyone in Congress seriously argued about pulling funds with soldiers on the ground over there? That seems like a canard to me. In any case, the Times doesn't provide a number of yea votes and wonders if the majority that supposedly supports the resolution is 60 or more, which would make it filibuster-proof.