War on Drugs

OMG! WTF! There's a SWAT Team at My House.


A high school senior in Orlando apparently had his home raided by the SWAT team after he playfully changed the word "defeated" to "crushed" in an article about a recent football game on the school's official website. He had been given access to the site by a teacher at the school and was authorized to make updates as requested.

According to the kid's own account (and thus far, I haven't seen the incident reported in a newspaper), the SWAT team came and confiscated a good deal of the his property, and charged him with two felonies.

After posting his story on Digg and Reddit yesterday, well, I'll let him explain :

Turns out that my High School is not going to follow through with any charges now that they know who did it and they wanted to be sure to let my family know before Christmas. Could it be that my blog making it to the front page of Digg made an impact…? Who knows.

Anyways, they dropped the two felony charges against me and I can pickup ALMOST all of my stuff from the police station. They decided to keep all the CDs and DVDs they took to make sure I don't have any pirated software.

Orlando, like a lot of places, has a history of using its SWAT team rather liberally and aggressively. They shot and killed a man named Michael Swimmer in 1998 in a raid that still cries out for more investigation. A series of wrong-door raids and raids in which the SWAT team was sent out to apprehend offenders police knew to be only small-time pot smokers also led to a pretty hard-hitting investigation by the Orlando Weekly.