"Downtown Libertarians" vs "Upper Westside Liberals" vs, What, "Murray Hill Moderates"?


Aaron Russell, executive director of The Smith Family Foundation, the outfit holding the sure-to-be-excellent upcoming debate between former GOP drug-war hawk and current LP honcho Bob Barr and the Drug Policy Alliance's Ethan Nadelmann, writes with a partial transcript from a recent Daily Show:

In case you missed it, Bill Kristol was on the Daily Show and he accused John Stewart of being a "upper west side liberal" and he replied that he is a "downtown libertarian."

I am kind of curious as to what happens when a downtown libertarians crosses 14th Street (going in either direction).

More links (including to video) here at The Moderate Voice, which for no other reason than alliteration makes me think of the old Murray Hill neighborhood in Manhattan and wonder how people there describe their politics.