The Hispanic Libertarian Republican


New Zogby Poll of Hispanic voters finds them preferring the Democrats to the Republicans by very wide margins on immigration—and health care, and Iraq, and education, and terrorism and security (only an 11 percentage point advantage there, the smallest) and "representing your values."

Most surprising result was that even among the polled Hispanics who self-identified as Republican, "just 76% said they thought the GOP understood them best. Another 8% said the Libertarian Party best understood them, 7% thought Democrats knew them better, while 10% of Republicans said that either another party better understood them, or that they were unsure."

Nice showing for the LP there, though 8 percent of Republican Hispanics ain't much–if this 2006 CNN exit poll (with over 13,000 respondents) is to be believed, that would represent 8 percent of 30 percent (the percentage of Latino voters who went GOP) of 8 percent (the total percentage of voters who were Latino, according to this poll) of the electorate.