One Vote for Starchild


If you miss ex-Reasoner Tim Cavanaugh's exhaustive exhumations of how he votes, don't fret: His latest ballot is on display at the L.A. Times.

Update: And now it's gone. Bootleg copies are rumored to be fetching high prices at the bloggers' bazaar.


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  1. We need to come to a consensus on write-in candidates so that maybe there will be enough write in votes for the same person that it will be listed in the election results. My vote is for “Big Brother”. Or maybe an equal divide between “Giant Douche”, and “Turd Sandwich”.
    Any others?

  2. A friend of mine at work (big government type) voted for Starchild just because of the name. I used to see Starchild often at LP SF meetings, and we sometimes joked about this phenomenon. What’s funnier is that my coworker thought, for some reason, that Starchild was a female stripper from San Francisco. At least he got the San Francisco part right. Perhaps his thinking Starchild was a stripper was a cognitive remnant of the Gubernatorial bru ha ha that Arnie won.

  3. I also voted no on every judge. In fact, except for the nod to Schwarzengroper, that could have been my ballot.

  4. “The Dude”.

  5. Well, except for the SF stuff. Okay, I didn’t vote for Starchild, Brown, or any Republicans.

  6. What, no endorsement of Hugh Jim Bissell?

  7. With a ballot that long, you’d have to take a day off to vote.

  8. Proposition 85 Waiting Period and Parental
    Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy..: Yes

    Really? huh.

  9. On the San Fran school board members, I have 3 possible theories:

    1)They were write-ins and Tim forgot to mention it

    2)The method of choice was “Wackiest Names”

    3)Hey, it’s San Francisco. You should have seen the ones he didn’t vote for.

  10. Starchild was running in District 8 and I live in 2, or he’d have gotten my vote!

    The Eminent Domain statewide initiative [90] was looking good early, but has recently gone negative.

    As this time [11:30pm Pacific] the entire lead by “No” is from San Francisco’s 80,000 No vote margin.

    I hope my neighbor’s houses get taken first.

  11. He’s got pics on the web.

    //The Goggles, They Do Nothing.

  12. The link doesnt work

  13. California voted down a cigarette tax??? Wow. Oh, heavy support in SF, I see. Living as a smoker in SF was an exercise in punishment – and contributed to my moving away.

  14. I wrote in: Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. I would so love to have an orange ghost as my congressional rep.

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