Toe-Sucking Consultant Advises Prez: Put Drug War Front & Center!


Reader Stephen Rynerson passes along this Dick Morris col about what Bush needs to do get his groove back. Rynerson notes the piece is "unremarkable," except for "one suggestion that practically caused me to fall out of my chair":

Put the drug fight front and center: Demand drug testing in schools with parental consent, and tax incentives for workplace drug testing. Link cocaine to terrorism, and build a national consensus for tough measures to cut demand.

For the full col by Morris, who was driven from the Clinton White House by one of the most tawdry sex scandals of recent years (Washington division), go here.

Hey, the feds have already linked coke to terrorism, at a laughable traveling exhibit put on by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

And if you want to start an anti-prohibition revolution, just start mandatory drug testing in schools, especially for honor students. That will drive home the absurdity of the war on drugs more quickly than the government's own propaganda.