Second Amendment Foundation and NRA Win Battle of New Orleans


Guns seized illegally by police in New Orleans in the Katrina aftermath can be reclaimed now–the Second Amendment Foundation claims credit. According to its press release, citizens whose guns were stolen need only show up at the Police Property and Evidence Facility, at 400 North Jefferson Davis Parkway, show some proof a gun they own is there, and, of course, go through a police background check. SAF founder Alan Gottleib claims:

"The city had been denying for more than five months that these guns were in possession. Only when SAF and the NRA filed a motion to have Mayor Ray Nagin and Police Superintendent Warren Riley held in contempt of court did city officials miraculously discover that more than a thousand seized firearms were being stored."

An account of the city's earlier denials of the illegal gun seizures and the legal actions from SAF and NRA that ensued here. And Dave Kopel wrote about the confiscations–and why they were a bad idea–right here at Reason as they were happening, with a vivid account of a city devolving into "an anarcho-tyranny that refuses to protect the public from criminals while preventing people from protecting themselves," including cops breaking into homes at gunpoint to take citizens' guns.