Your Cat-Fightin' Tax Dollars


Do you enjoy scathing, anonymous websites run by employees of a federal agency you've never heard of, raking muck on their hated new boss? If so, and even if you think that any boss who pisses off federal employees is by definition good, click here, and then follow the reactions/ramifications over at Secrecy News.

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  1. Yes, and I understand the anon angle too.

  2. Sounds like someone could make a fortune making a site for Government employees. They'd be providing a great public service, too. Just locate everything offshore, and guarantee complete anonymity, and until the inevitable abuse factor kicks in, it'd rock.

  3. OK, the next time I see a H&R post with the words "cat-fightin'" in it, there had better be a link to a photo of an actual cat-fight.

    And no, not this kind, either, smart-asses.

  4. Interesting bit on the site: the IBWC has never had classified or sensitive information before, but now that the new boss is being hounded for questionable acts there's all sorts of things labeled "sensitive!"

    It's under the "Paranoia Watch" section. Just goes to show that classification is used for exactly what it is: a way to keep people from seeing things. It just so happens that there are quite a few more embarrassing things than there are dangerous things.

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