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Parliament of Whores … and Tattletales


More tales of journalists behaving badly: Boston Herald columnist Charles Chieppo has been given a $10,000 contract by Taxachussetts Governor Mitt Romney "to promote the governor's environmental policies," according to the Boston Globe.

His job calls for writing op-ed pieces and internal documents "to support the efforts of senior management to promote education, awareness, and acceptance of major policy initiatives" on the environment.

Chieppo will work two days a week until at least June 30. He also plans to continue writing op-ed columns for the Herald, where he is paid for each article.

Meanwhile, if we can believe Lloyd Grove, the Gray Lady is turning into the Gray Sex-Snitch:

The perils of Iraq have nothing on the nasty fracas erupting between former New York Times Baghdad Bureau Chief Susan Sachs and her ex-colleagues, Times Baghdad correspondents Dexter Filkins and John Burns.

The Gray Lady's management has just fired Sachs, a widely respected and experienced journalist who has tangled bitterly with Burns and Filkins, over allegations that she sent anonymous letters and an E-mail to their wives alleging bad behavior with women in the war zone.

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  1. Awesome, another Globe vs. Herald catfight.

  2. heh, most amusing 🙂

  3. nothing worse in life than c blocker.
    I mean that in all ‘jest’ of course.

  4. “alleging bad behavior with women in the war zone.”

    Bad behaviour means they stole leads from the womyn, right ? Right ?

  5. They fired a whistleblower. Oh, the irony!

  6. But considering that she works for the NYT, how do we know she didn’t make the whole incident up or that she was even in Iraq in the first place?

  7. Not only would I fire someone who sent anonymous email to a colleague’s spouse accusing their colleague of infidelity, I have in fact done so.

    I didn’t care if the accusation was true or not. Within five minutes after confirming who had sent the email (the idiot had done it from a company computer), they were were fired. This was not a difficult decision. I don’t need anyone in my organization who will try to destroy someone else’s family life in order to win some petty internal political struggle.

  8. In other words, she should have minded her own business and the business of her employer and not the personal business of her colleagues.

    I wonder, at what point does a corporation or the government finally decide that it’s pointless and wasteful to spend time, money and resources on witch-hunting people for what they do outside the workplace?

    Not to mention the costs of hiring and firing personnel and the time lost while a new hire gets to a point that they are actually as useful to an organization as the person fired…

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