Remember the '60s, Man?


Former Rep. Bob Barr sticks up for protestors' rights -- and reminisces about the good old days of political protest. ("Who can forget the great costumes and Nixon face masks that appeared at many political rallies and other events during the 1960s and early 1970s?")

If you find this surprising, you haven't been paying much attention to Barr lately.

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  1. I tend toward a favorable view of Barr myself, the drug war excepted. Of course, he seriously pissed me off after Powell's UN address last year by saying that "loyal Americans" had an obligation to believe Bush's WMD claims.

  2. We all know Barr HATES clinton, but how crappy of a president do you have to be for him to have this on his website:

    "By helping us revisit Clinton's transgressions, Barr unintentionally enables us to judge the deterioration in Oval Office behavior under Bush.
    Lying about a sexual affair is just not on the same scale as lying about war.
    The petty penny ante real estate deal known as Whitewater pales into insignificance compared to the multi-billion dollar fraud of the Iraqi reconstruction contracts.

    This is not to argue that Clinton should be excused. It is to say that matters have become worse."

  3. Speaking of Barr and the drug war, I saw him debating the efficacy of drug policy with former drug czar Barry McCaffrey on CNN last year or the year before. By the end they were in full agreement: something definitely must be done to keep drugs out of prisons!

  4. I like to think Barr's a decent guy, a little old fasioned for my taste, who just went a little crazy with the Clinton-hatred in the 1990s. Hey, so did a lot of people.

  5. Yeah. Decent. Right. The man that tried to stop the vote in D.C. om medical marijuana by removing the funds needed to count the votes. I guess he believes we have the right to vote, just not the right to have the votes counted.

    He is completely irrational when it comes to the War on Drugs, and he lets that irrationality cloud all other concerns.

  6. He's also pretty silly on gay rights and that debil rock n roll music. Like a said, a bit of a throwback on anything that touches culture war issues.

  7. It was funny to see all those anti-war protesters yesterday in NYC. Why weren't they in Boston protesting John "I voted for the War and would do so again knowing what we do now" Kerry? Oh yeah, cause he's a Democrat!!!


  8. Clearly, the people with the "Bush and Kerry: Both Pro-War" signs are registered Democrats.

  9. Actually, joe, you may be right, as that is essentially the official position of the Kerry campaign.

  10. This is entirely consistent with Mr. Barr's selective libertarian views. Anyone suprised by his recent statement has not been paying attention. Some of the above comments confirm the success of hot button issues to blot out details... does the name Pavlov ring a bell?

  11. "does the name Pavlov ring a bell?"

    Was that pun intended?

  12. Barr isn't an easy guy to pigeonhole. When he's wrong, he's REALLY wrong. But when he's right, well, he's REALLY right.

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